Shane Dawson’s Ghostly Encounter


I was recently listening to older podcasts in the Rhett and Link Ear Biscuits series and they were in conversation with Shane Dawson. He started with an account of how he saw the ghost of his grandmother. I love hearing accounts like this! Most of the time these types of things definitely have a logical explanation and even when there isn’t an obvious one, sceptics can come up with something to poo-poo the story. I don’t care about any of that, I just love to hear about people’s experiences and how they are affected about them. After all, no matter what the reality of the situation, the person telling the story really believes that they saw something. Especially when they begin their story with “I don’t believe in any of that ghost-stuff” which is exactly how Shane Dawson begun!

He was talking about how he sold or was in the process of selling a house and he had seen the ghost of his grandmother there. He said he reacted by panicking and throwing up in the corridor. As he did this, his brother came out to him and asked him if he had seen grandma, because he had heard her voice! Now, these guys weren’t kids or teenagers when this happened as Dawson states that his brother was 28 years old, and neither of them believed in the supernatural of ghosts.

Another interesting part of this story was that a friend of his girlfriend’s mum is a psychic and he went to see her about this. He said he did not tell the psychic anything before hand and neither had his girlfriend, but she was able to tell him about his experience in detail and explain why his grandmother had appeared. So, he received quite a meaningful message both for himself and his mother.

If you want to hear the podcast, it’s available on iTunes and SoundCloud

Image Credit and Terms of Use: Gage Skidmore via WikiCommons