Apartment 143

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Also known as ‘Emergo’

A team of parapsychologists investigate reports by a family of strange goings on in their home. The story is told through the video shot by the team as they investigate what is happening with this widower and his two children.

As is often the case with negative reviews about the better found footage movies, the criticisms are more about the genre than the actual movie.  I think that is definitely the case here; found footage is not for everyone and that is understandable.  One thing that has been said about this movie is that it offers nothing new to the ‘family haunted by some entity/paranormal investigation’ type of movie. Yes, it is very true, there is little here that is new to people who are familiar with that sub-genre, but in Apartment 143 it is done so well that I don’t think that is even an issue.  After all, it offers those of us who like this genre exactly what we want.

I love that they leap straight into the meatiness of the story with no time wasted.  The fact that it is a team investigating the paranormal activity, rather than the family it self, means that cameras are set up all over the house, allowing for some great footage.  I would say that there are some excellent suspenseful moments and scares in this movie.  You’ll be expecting them all, but nevertheless you’ll still jump when they happen and that they do very often!  Even with the jumps and scares there is an actual story too, which works really well.  Indeed, there are many more action scenes than most movies like this offer. So while it is not exactly original, it is definitely an example of the best in haunting/found footage movies.


Movies Like Paranormal Activity Found Footage Horror 2 of 10 →