What Kinds of Ghosts Can You Expect to Encounter on a Hunt?

The ghost of The Banff Springs HotelIf you’re considering a paranormal investigation, then you’re most likely wondering about what kinds of ghosts can you expect to encounter on a hunt. The first problem in trying to answer this is in relation to the names people give to ghosts. There is much debate over the terms used to describe different apparitions. For example, some people say a ‘ghost’ never has any interaction or communication with the living as it is just an echo and cannot respond. These people believe there is as much point talking to these ‘ghosts’ as there is in talking to the characters on your television screen. They believe that it is ‘spirits’ that have the ability to communicate. I’m avoiding the issue of semantics and just using the term ‘ghosts’ for everything. I have compiled a list of the different types of ghosts and spirits which you should read before you begin planning your ghost hunt:

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As you will see from that list, there are many different types of ghosts and it will be up to you to determine the kind that you want to interact with during your hunt. While it may be tempting to go for the most active type of ghost hot-spots right from the start, I really suggest that you do not. Ease yourself in to ghost hunting and try to investigate areas which have milder ghosts or activity at first. Once you have had more experience you’ll be ready for the more active types. Always be sure to read about the kinds of ghosts that have been reported in an area (friendly, aggressive, angry, shy etc) and go for the milder ones at first. Once you start researching different locations and the accounts of ghosts which have been reported there, my list will help you to identify what type of ghost you can expect to encounter there and the type of investigation you need to conduct.

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