How to Hunt Ghosts

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For many of us, reading ghost stories, or watching ghostly horror movies is not enough and we want to take our investigations into the supernatural further. If you want to learn how to hunt ghosts yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. Here I will share with you the best tips and advice on how you can take up ghost hunting, whether you plan to do it as a hobby or turn it into something more professional.

Humans have been trying to capture proof of the existence of ghosts and the supernatural for as long as we have had ways of capturing images and sounds. Paranormal reality shows have never been more popular and these have lead plenty of people to take up ghost hunting as a hobby and most started with nothing more than an inquisitive mind and some basic tools and equipment. Of course if you want to take up ghost hunting seriously than more specialised techniques and knowledge will be needed, and I have also included information on how you can learn more and expand your ghost hunting skills and expertise.

Why Hunt Ghosts?

There are a couple of main reasons why people decide to hunt ghosts. You may already believe in the existence of ghosts and the supernatural and want to capture some evidence of it either to share with the public or just for your own enjoyment as a hobby. You may be a skeptic or a total non-believer and want to capture what others call ghostly or supernatural phenomena for the sake of providing a scientific explanation for it. Contrary to popular belief, not all ghost hunters are dyed in the wool believers. Most have a very healthy level of skepticism and will often investigate areas where there have been numerous reports of ghostly phenomena in order to truly understand what is happening there. After all, even those that have absolutely no belief in ghosts and the supernatural find it interesting when different people, totally unrelated to one another and on different occasions report similar experiences.

In order to make the most of this guide, it really does not matter what your reasons are. I am writing with the novice in mind, who is interested in taking their first steps into ghost hunting. So the techniques and tips shared here do not rely on your beliefs being one way or the other. All that’s required is a desire to investigate, no matter what your motives.

The only word of caution I would give is this: do not go hunting ghosts if you’re afraid of them or plan to antagonise and challenge them. While most ghosts present very little danger, it makes sense to handle them with respect and with sensible caution, but not fear. While ghost hunting can be an enjoyable hobby, a certain level of common sense is advisable.

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