The Possession

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The PossessionThe Possession movie was released in 2012 and revolves around a family where the parents have been divorced for around a year. During a weekend with their father, the youngest of the two daughters sees an old elaborately engraved old wooden box, which they buy. The sweet, mild-natured girl’s behaviour soon begins to change under the influence of this box and what it contains. Meanwhile, the father is trying to figure out how to help her, even though his ex-wife and other daughter are blaming him for the youngest child’s behaviour.

I was really looking forward to this movie because I like Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I am a huge fan of the Supernatural series and I was excited to see John Winchester return to a horror role. Also, I had heard this was based on a true story, which is always interesting. While I wasn’t aware of the true story behind this movie until the movie was announced, I had heard of the Jewish dybbuk as I had read about it after watching The Unborn a couple of years earlier. The movie really had a lot of similarities to The Exorcist, but as it was well-made, that didn’t bother me too much. I will say though, it was nice to watch a possession movie not based on the usual Catholic mythology.

The Dybbuk Box

This story came about when a Dybbuk or Dibbuk box was listed on eBay along with a story explaining how the seller came to possess the item and the strange things that happened to him and his family. You can read the original story that was on the eBay listing here or watch the video below where the story is read out along with a picture of the real box and its contents. The short version is that the eBayer, who owned a furniture refinishing store at that time, came across the box during the estate sale in 2001 of an elderly holocaust survivor. After the sale he spoke to the deceased woman’s grand-daughter who told him her grandmother had always warned them not to open it. He did try to give it back to the family as he felt it may be of sentimental value but they were forced to sell it, but she refused to take it back and refused to open it with him. Later on he did open it, and he tried to give the contents (old pennies, a lock of hair, a goblet, candlestick and icon) but they refused to take them. He then goes on to recount all the misfortune that befell his family after he acquired it.

The story pretty much gives the impression that he did not know what was happening or why, but he knew it was connected to the Dybbuk box and just did not want anything further to do with it. To those sceptical of someone selling something as genuinely creepy as a real cursed/possessed box on ebay, I would say “Why not?” There are people who look for such items so why not on ebay? Also, the seller wanted to speak to the person who won the bid “a.)To make sure that the winning bidder is a serious adult who has employed some valid reasoning skills in making the decision to accept whatever this is. I will not be judgmental. Do whatever you want or need after the sale. b.)To offer full details of the events that have transpired.” He also said he would provide medical evidence and sworn affidavits to back up his claims.

The Dybbuk box was purchased by a student who was the friend of an intern at a museum where Jason Haxton worked and he wanted to see it, but ended up having to buy it. You can hear him tell his story in the video below.

This has to be one of the creepiest stories out there. I was listening to an effed up stories podcast and they were talking about how even though the effects of the box have been reduced, there is no way to actually totally stop them, and apparently people who have interviewed Jason Haxton or written about this story have had some spooky encounters. Almost as if by talking about the power of the box is increased. Is this just imagined because people have heard the stories or is it real? I don’t know, but I’ll let you know if anything happens with me. Check out the full story below.

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