The Haunting Of Whaley House

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The Haunting of Whaley HouseThe movie was released in 2012 and begins with a tour around the infamous Whaley House and a tragedy that befalls one of the visitors. We find out that the tour guide is new to the Whaley House and she is told by an older colleague that she must never challenge the ghosts in the house, break any of the objects in the house or enter the house after dark. The young tour guide pays little attention as she does not believe in any of the supernatural stories surrounding the house. Later, while telling her friends of the days events at her new job, the group manage to convince her to let them into the house after hours so they can see what it is like. She reluctantly agrees, and what follows is a night of terror for the unsuspecting teenagers.

If you’ve not heard of this movie and plan to watch it, be warned it is a very low budget offering and without being too unkind, I can tell you I spent much of it annoyed with the idiots on screen. The reason I watched it is because I had heard of the Whaley house and I’d seen several documentary shows stating it was one of the most haunted houses in America.

The Whaley House can be found in Old Town, San Diego, California. The site was originally a granary and then a court room. Thomas Whaley built the house and general store part in 1857. It has been a museum since 1960 and holds paranormal investigation events on the last weekend of every month. It was believed to be haunted even before the Whaley family acquired it as it was a courtroom then and the site of many hangings.

Ghostly sightings have included former criminals who were hung on the site and members of the Whaley family, including one of their pets.

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