Heathrow’s Haunted First Class Lounge

Heathrow Airport

When I was fresh out of university, I took a summer job working as a hostess in one of the major airline’s first class lounges at Heathrow airport. It was a beautiful lounge and was very big, and I even met a lot of famous actors and celebrities there, but my most notable encounters were of the supernatural kind and I honestly believe that I worked in Heathrow’s haunted first class lounge.

If the stories are to be believed, Heathrow airport is one of the most haunted locations in the UK and over and over again, many passengers and visitors to the airport have told the same stories about their experiences. There is apparently a business man who is seen in one of the VIP lounges and many have just reported seeing his legs sat next to them. Then there is the panting invisible spirit in the car park that seems to particularly enjoy scaring women. There have even been reports of the ghost of what is said to be the ghost of Dick Turpin.

I experienced many little things over the months I worked in the lounge, but there are two main incidents that still make me wonder what actually occurred. One day I was in the library tidying up as most of the flights had left and there was a lull before the next influx of passengers. The lounge was truly exquisite as one would expect and there were many table lamps dotted around. I remember that day it was freezing in there and I wondered whether I should report it to maintenance. When I was collecting some newspapers from an armchair, the metal lampshade a couple of feet away from me tilted up at least two inches from one side and then clattered back into place, wobbling to and fro as if it had been knocked. I was alone in there and I had not touched the shade. Furthermore, the shade was quite heavy and it would have needed quite a nudge to move like that. Needless to say, I left the library in quite a hurry.

The other incident happened just before we closed for the night about two months before I left. There were only three of us left; one at the reception and the other two at each end of the lounge. I was in the main kitchen and was putting away everything as all the passengers had left for the day. As I was collecting the items from the buffet counter I spotted a man standing by one of the pillars, staring at me. My first thought was that it was a passenger who had gotten too drunk to make his flight (that actually did happen from time to time) but then he stepped to the side behind a pillar. I called out “Hello? Sir? Can I help you?” But there was no reply. My colleague at the front desk, Eduardo, was a good friend and he was known for having a crazy sense of humour and he loved pranks. I thought that maybe it was him playing a joke on me. The man I had seen had seemed to be wearing a long coat and a hat and flamboyant Eduardo also had a long coat like that. So I began walking towards the pillar, prepared to scold him for holding me up. Of course when I got to it, there was no-one there. Furthermore, there was a marble side table right behind the pillar which meant it was impossible for anyone to have stepped behind the pillar as I had seen. The lounge itself was open-planned, apart from the pillars so the man could not have gone anywhere without me seeing. I don’t think I have ever felt that shocked. I caught glimpses of this man on several occasions for one month. I never felt threatened or even scared; I just could not understand why he was appearing to me. In my personal life, that was the month that our family dog was quite ill and he had quite a major surgical procedure, but he was fine after that. Or so we thought. He died a few weeks after his operation and I never saw the man after my dog passed. I do feel the two were connected, that maybe the apparition of this man was there to warn me of the death that was to come. I don’t really have any logical justification for why I feel this, but I really do believe it. On a side note, even though my dog died, he did manage to get one more message to us and you can read about that [here].

I never mentioned my encounters to my colleagues as I did not want them to think I was foolish. But one of the staff that had been there for years later told me that there was the ghost of a Japanese old man that had been spotted in the library on more than one occasion and that is why it was so cold in there at times. I never did find out who the man in the long coat and hat was.

Have you ever experienced anything similar? Perhaps you do not believe what I saw, what do you think happened?

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