Ghost Filmed Live During a Football Match in Argentina

Football Ghost

Was a ghost filmed live during a football match in Argentina? Yesterday evening I was winding down after a seriously long day of writing on Spooky Fangs. I was in the bathroom having a much deserved soak and I can hear the Italian that I live with pacing about the flat. After four years of having him as a room-mate I knew he had something to tell me. Sure enough, as soon as I exited the bathroom I hear him calling “Come see this!” He said a ghost had been captured on video at a football match. Take a look and see what you think:

I was really surprised, not at the video, but the fact that he was putting any stock at all in this video. He usually does not believe in any of this ghost stuff. When I asked him why, he said “Because it’s on Gazzetta, they don’t show crap news”.

This Italian sports news site was saying that the ghost could be that of Natalio Perinetti. I immediately searched if any English sites had reported this and the first site I saw was the Metro, which had a brief piece. They feel it’s just a person wearing grey running.

So what do we know? The match was at the Racing stadium, El Cilindro de Avellaneda in Argentina, where the home team went on to beat River Plate 1-0. During the second half of the match the video shows a person running out from the right. At first it doesn’t seem like anything strange, but the person then does go on to seem rather transparent and is it just me or does he actually come out onto the pitch?

My initial reaction to seeing this was “Someone’s tampered with the video.” But apparently this was shown live on television. The problem is there are so many videos like this on youtube that one becomes jaded and immediately thinks that the recording has been doctored. Is it a real ghost? Is it a real person running around that just appears transparent due to the colour he is wearing? If he’s an actual person, since when did they let people run willy-nilly all over the place while a match in in progress?

I hate unanswered questions so I started doing some research and guess what, this is not the first time a ‘ghost’ has been spotted at a football match. Back in April 2014, another apparition was seen streaking across the screen, but this time amongst the seated spectators during a match in Bolivia. The ‘ghost’ was caught on camera by Fox Sports.

This incident was again reported in much the same way as the Argentinian spectacle but I read a Daily News article which explained that the so-called ghost, was actually a man running away from security guards as he had most likely entered the game without paying and as soon as the security gates were opened during the 91st minute, he headed for them. This information came from Red Pat, a Bolivian television channel, who had also been filming the match and they said in their version it is clearly a man.

I couldn’t find a specific Red Pat version of the footage, but I do think the quality of the video filmed has a lot to do with how ghostly the person appears. In the video below, the guy looks less transparent, and more solid:

While the explanation of the running fan makes sense, I want to know why he would draw so much attention to himself if he had entered the stadium illegally? I would assume one would just shuffle out with the masses at the end of the match. Then again, if these are real ghosts caught on camera, why on Earth are they still dashing about everywhere? Right, I’ve had enough of these football ‘ghosts’, as there more I look into this, the more questions I have! Definitely time to move on!

Tell me what you think and whether you believe these are real ghosts or not!