Welcome to Spooky Fangs!

SpookyFangsLogoMy name is Jay and Spooky Fangs was born from my love of horror, the paranormal, supernatural and all things spooky. I have written articles on other sites about horror movies, books and even real life paranormal phenomena. Squidoo was one of those sites, but with its demise, I was left with no home for a number of these articles. I already have three sites of my own (Aquarian Insight, Neo-Victorian Steampunk and The ME/CFS Ghost) so I wasn’t sure I could handle a fourth site. But horror and the paranormal are not hard work; instead they’re topics I can and have been known to talk about for hours!

Why do I love the spooky side of life? I can never pass up a good scare. In fact, there are some really atrocious movies with spectacularly bad acting and dialogue, but I’ll recommend them if they can make me jump! But then there’s my love of vampires; yes I like my vampires to be monsters, but I also love the romance attached to them. As for real life paranormal experiences; I am a very inquisitive person and anything that can’t be explained will draw me in!

So, here is Spooky Fangs! It’s not going to be one of those sites that follows every new horror release but rather a place I can vent or rave about those things I love and hate, or just share those wonderful mysteries of life. It’s also a place I would love to interact with other like-minded individuals, so I’m really looking forward to that. I’m pretty outspoken and have very definite opinions so while I love those that agree with me, I’m always happy to engage with those that have different ideas. In a civilised and dignified manner of course (trolls be gone!). Oh, that reminds me, I better put a big sign somewhere letting everyone know there will be spoilers galore all over the site. Hello? How does one do a good rant or rave justice while leaving out all spoilers? If there is a way, I have yet to find it.

I’m writing this just before the site goes live and I am extremely excited to see how Spooky Fangs grows! This is my first site based solely on something I do entirely for pleasure so I’m hoping I can still bring some kind of work ethic to it and I really need to not neglect my other sites!

Happy Halloween and I hope you enjoy Spooky Fangs!